class grinpy.HavelHakimi(sequence)

Class for performing and keeping track of the Havel Hakimi process on a sequence of positive integers.

Parameters:sequence (input sequence) – The sequence of integers to initialize the Havel Hakimi process.


HavelHakimi.__init__(sequence) Initialize self.
HavelHakimi.depth() Return the depth of the Havel Hakimi process.
HavelHakimi.get_elimination_sequence() Return the elimination sequence of the Havel Hakimi process.
HavelHakimi.get_initial_sequence() Return the initial sequence passed to the Havel Hakimi class for initialization.
HavelHakimi.is_graphic() Return whether or not the initial sequence is graphic.
HavelHakimi.get_process() Return the list of sequence produced during the Havel Hakimi process.
HavelHakimi.residue() Return the residue of the sequence.