grinpy.invariants.domination.min_k_dominating_set(G, k)

Return a smallest k-dominating set in the graph.

The method to compute the set is brute force except that the subsets searched begin with those whose cardinality is equal to the sub-k-domination number of the graph, which was defined by Amos et al. and shown to be a tractable lower bound for the k-domination number.

G : graph
A Networkx graph.
k : int
A positive integer.
minKDominatingSet : list
A smallest k-dominating set in the graph.

D. Amos, J. Asplund, and R. Davila, The sub-k-domination number of a graph with applications to k-domination, arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.02379, (2016)